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Longer, Fuller, Darker Looking Lashes and Brows By Halcyon Spa!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

A beautifully shaped dark eyebrow and long, full, curving lashes.
Beautiful lashes and eyebrow

If you are tired of how long it takes to put yourself together in the morning, you aren't the only one! At Halcyon Spa Fort Myers, we have a way for you to have those beautified brows and lashes ready to go when you wake up via our specialized treatments. Use the time saved to sit with a cup of tea or coffee, meditate, read the news, or whatever makes you happy because you have longer, fuller, darker-looking lashes and brows by Halcyon Spa.

Brow and Lash Tinting: Goodbye Eyebrow Pencil, False Lashes, and Mascara! Hello, Beautiful Brows and Lashes!

Before pic on left after pic with darker brows after tint.

I don't know about you, but this blogger must tame and define her unruly, bushy, dark blonde brows with colored browscara and an eyebrow pencil daily. Although I was born with long eyelashes, they aren't very dark, so I have to darken them with mascara to make them appear thicker. It can take me up to 10 minutes to do all of this. I'd rather spend that doing something else if I can. If I wanted to bother with false lashes, that would take even more time. That's why I've decided to save time and have them tinted at Halcyon Spa in Fort Myers.

A picture of a client with their lashes being tinted and laminated at Halcyon Spa
Eyelashes being tinted and laminated at Halcyon Spa.

Tinting works similarly to coloring your hair without the smelly, eye-burning effect of some hair color treatments. The specialist will use lash and brow tint specially formulated for use around the eyes.

The Spa has two tint formulas to darken your lashes and brows.

Tint 1

  • Made in the USA

  • Free of gluten, lanolin, and nut oils.

  • Vegan Awareness Certified & Leaping Bunny Certified

Tint 2

  • More chemically formulated

  • Works better on stubborn hair types

This treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and should last roughly three weeks. The more you have it done, the longer it lasts.

Brow Lamination: Making Your Brows Look Great All Day, Every Day

Before (lighter, bushier brows) and after lamination and tinting (perfectly shaped and darker) of a Halcyon Spa client
Before and after lamination and tinting of a Halcyon Spa client.

Another time saver is having your eyebrows laminated. Brow lamination uses a solution much like that used for perms to set your brows in your desired shape. Just like perms usually use rollers to form the curls, your salon professional will position each hair exactly how you want it before letting it set. The final result is no more crazy brows, just perfectly shaped brows that will remain that way for weeks.

Brow Lamination Details

  • Takes roughly 45 minutes

  • Lasts approximately four weeks

  • Works on super unruly hairs or sparse brows

Pairing it with a tint will dramatically increase the effect.

Lash Lifting: Longer-Looking Lashes That Last

Before and after picture of a lash lift

Lash lifting can change the shape of the eye to create a more open look. It uses the same process as brow lamination, except a unique form is placed on the eyelid, and each individual eyelash is brushed up and over the form. Once it is set, your lashes curl up and away.

Lash Lift Details

  • Takes roughly 45 minutes

  • Lasts approximately three weeks

  • The more regularly you have it done, the longer it lasts.

Intensify the effect by pairing it with tint.

Get Your Longer, Fuller, Darker-Looking, Lashes and Brows By Halcyon Spa!

Treat yourself to a spa day at Halcyon Spa Fort Myers, and leave it to the professionals!** We are here to help you feel more beautiful than you already are! Book your appointment online or call 239-935-7727 (SPA7) for a personalized booking or with questions.

**A Word of Caution: DO NOT attempt to use regular hair color or perm solution on your face!

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