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PORTABLE Operation Mekong Full Movie Download In Italian Hd


Operation Mekong full movie download in italian hd

Download This Episode - A year ago, a South Korean naval ship was brutally attacked by a huge cargo ship that was out of control. In what appears to be part of a kidnapping plot, the giant ship stole the South Korean warship, leading to massive anti-North Korean protests, a bloody military crackdown and a tug of war to keep the vessel from sinking. Military forces boarded the vessel, but they were overwhelmed. The military rescued 68 of the crew, only after 80 of them were taken hostage. The South Korean warship, the Cheonan, was still afloat, and its name has become the focal point in a struggle between Seoul and Pyongyang, which threatens military action if South Korea cannot prove the North was responsible. Kim Jong-il, North Korea's leader, has been blamed for nearly all of the international incidents on the Korean peninsula. Last week North Korea again threatened military action against South Korea if it continues with its pursuit of "unfounded revenge and retaliation." The fatal accident in March 2010 was the worst in South Korean history. It was no accident, according to an international investigation. It was a deliberate attack, using an anti-ship mine. A South Korean court acquitted seven of the sailors accused of negligence in the disaster. It should have taken place in port, there should have been more inspections, more safety and defensive devices should have been installed on the vessel. The United Nations says the mine was the only viable explanation for the sinking of the Cheonan, saying a torpedo was used to destroy the warship. The investigation concluded that the warship's sinking was a result of an attack with a missile. The United States and other nations said the official account is a lie, and that the North had deliberately rammed and sunk the warship. Most nations are boycotting the upcoming Olympics in South Korea because of the crisis, but a delegation from North Korea is expected to attend. The United States and the United Nations are still angry over Pyongyang's 2005 nuclear test and its nuclear ambitions, but North Korea has not yet been expelled from the United Nations for weapons development. Pyongyang has faced international sanctions and other sanctions from the United States, United Nations, the European Union and others since the nuclear test. U.S

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PORTABLE Operation Mekong Full Movie Download In Italian Hd

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