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Bring the best version of yourself from the outside in with Halcyon's unique makeup services. We offer both Air Brush Makeup and Micropigmentation to fulfill the varied needs of our already beautiful clients. Whether you are going for a special, editorial look or just want to wake up feeling fresh on a daily basis, our talented Makeup professionals will have you looking and feeling your absolute best.



For any occasion at anytime! Whether it’s a natural look to highlight your “Just left the Spa” face or a black tie affair, we have the perfect finish to enhance every selfie or group photo you want to snap. For photo shoot ready, long-lasting wear essential for weddings, Airbrush application is highly recommended.

Lash Application - $15

Analysis and Instruction - $55

Natural Application - $55

Evening Application - $65

Airbrush Full Face - $100 (includes lashes) 

Airbrush Basic - $75 (foundation, contouring, blush) 


Travel Fee - $50

Additional Items - $15

Available for on-site Wedding Parties

$ by consultation


This clinical procedure uses needle and ink to create stunning makeup looks that will help you fill-in and add structure to your look, save time for those on-the-go-getters, or just to enhance your favorite features. Consultations are complimentary and required.

Eyebrows- Hair Stroke, Powder, Ombré, Combination (any style) - $400

Eyeliner: Upper and Lower - $350

Eyeliner: Upper or Lower - $200

Lips - Lip Basic $300

Lip Designer - $650

*procedures above include one six week touch up.


Color Boost - $100 for returning guests

$ by consultation for new guests

Corrective Procedures - $ by consultation

Permanent make up.png
Image by Rafaella Mendes Diniz


You can give yourself extra time in each day with this completely safe, long-lasting make up life hack. Our skilled practitioners will work with you to find the perfect, most natural shades that work with your unique and beautiful skin tone.

Free Consultation - 30 mins

Color Boost - 150mins, $100

Touch Up - $150

Eyebrows Basic -150mins, $400 

Eyebrows Corrective -150mins, $400 

Eyeliner Basic -150mins, $200 

Eyeliner Upper + Lower -150mins, $350 

Eyeliner Corrective -150mins, $350

Lipliner Basic - 150mins, $300

Lipliner Designer -150mins, $650 

Lipliner Corrective -150mins, $650 

Areola Pigmentation -150mins, $250 

Makeup: Treatments

Please note: There will be a $25 No-Show + Last Minute Cancelation Fee

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