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A body of work for the weary traveler

Please note: There will be a $25 No-Show + Last Minute Cancelation Fee


Hot Stone Massage

This massage combines the ancient healing powers of warm volcanic stones with aromatherapy to relax both body and mind. Warm volcanic stones are placed on your body’s natural pressure points to balance energy flow. A gentle, full-body massage helps to soothe tired muscles and melt away stress.

60/90mins - $92/$112



Applied pressure to specific reflex points and meridians on the feet, lower legs, and hands. This ancient form of therapy helps to relax the entire body and mind, restore energy and regulate the movement of Qi (vital life force energy) and remove blockages in the body’s circulatory system, stimulate energy flow and encourage optimal body function.

30/60mins - $55/$85

A pregnant woman posing on a beach with her hands on her belly.


Prenatal Massage

Designed to nurture both Mama and Baby and given after the first trimester, this combination of plant based beauty products and specialized massage uses techniques that target pregnancy’s most notorious symptoms such as alleviating discomfort and pain, improving skin elasticity, and stimulating circulation.

60/90mins - $92/$112


Body Scrub

Your ultimate skin smoothing experience starts with our selection of seasonal Farmhouse Fresh body polishes designed to stimulate the circulatory system and the senses, featuring rich minerals along with fresh herbal and fruit extracts. We conclude the treatment with a deeply nourishing body mousse or body oil to reveal your smoothest, softest skin ever.

Back scrub add on: 30mins - $25

Full body scrub: 45mins - $75

With shower $92

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Relaxation Massage

This soothing massage reduces tension and enhances circulation throughout the body. Pressure can range from light to medium. Great for overall relaxation, this treatment uses long effleurage strokes and gentle pressure to improve circulation 

and diminish stress. Perfect for “First Timers.”

60/90mins - $82/$107


Duet Massage

This massage is one where you can escape and unwind side-by-side. 

A perfect sharing of a perfect moment….

The duet massage transports you and your loved one to a place where you both can relax, unwind, and refresh. An unforgettable experience for you and a friend, a sister, a partner, a coworker and anyone else you want to treat to a magical retreat from the ordinary.

 60/90mins - $164/$214


Therapeutic Tissue

This therapeutic massage uses a variety of techniques including trigger point, deep myofacial and cross-fiber friction to work deeper layers of muscle fibers to help release chronic patterns of muscular tension as well as toxins through-out the body. This deep pressure corrective massage will leave you feeling renewed and restored.

60/90mins - $97/$117

Thor's Hammer, Utah

Deep Tissue

Similar to a relaxation massage, but with a more forceful technique, Deep Tissue uses a firm pressure to release chronic patterns of tension throughout the body.

60/90mins - $92/$112

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30 Minute Massage

Receive a customized massage focused on the most common areas of tension – the neck, back and shoulders.

30mins - $50



A custom blend of essential oils is personalized to aid in healing and relaxation. Re-awaken your soul to it’s powerful sense of smell while stimulating your nervous system and enhancing overall well-being.

60/90mins - $92/$112


Steam Shower

Experience a water escape designed to reconnect you with your very best self. Relax and exhale as your stress slips away in our herbal steam shower. A blissful aromatic oasis envelops your entire being with hints of eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile, lavender, rose and camphor. Its benefits are endless: 

improves circulation and blood flow, enhances detoxification by opening up pores in the skin, eases exercise recovery, relaxes tight muscles, improves respiratory function, and alleviates stress to name a few. 

Can be enjoyed solo or with a plus one.

Maximum of 15min of steam.

30mins - $30

Image by Bundo Kim


Foot Rescue

This luxurious foot treatment stars our delicious Farmhouse Fresh products starting with a mineral muscle foot soak followed by an exfoliating scrub up to the knee. We finish this pampering experience with the delightful aromas of our various hydrating oils or creams and a touch of reflexology. 

Coach 30mins - $50

Business Class includes mask 45mins- $65

First Class includes 30min reflexology

1hr - $85

Meander to Massage: Treatments


Massage Add-Ons

Take me on a Roadtrip

Hand and Foot Relief includes warming booties for extra moisturizing and to promote blood flow.

15mins - $15

Now Boarding Back Scrub

Go the extra mile and treat yourself to a brand new you by promoting circulation and a healthier, happier back.

30mins - $30

Head in the Clouds

Scalp Treatment with nourishing oils for both hair and scalp.

15mins - $20

Time for a Nap

Head and Neck Relief using Hi-Bio® Hemp cooling balm which releases tension and promotes circulation with CBD and blue matcha.

15mins - $15

Wanderlust Lip Treatment

Lip treatment lip polish, hydrating mask, nourishing lip balm.

15mins - $15

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