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Farmhouse Fresh Products Available At Halcyon Spa

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Bottles and tubs of FarmHouse Fresh products available at Halcyon Spa.
FarmHouse Fresh Products at Halcyon Spa

At Halcyon Spa, we pride ourselves on clean, fresh products to help you feel as beautiful as you are, whether through anti-aging creams and serums or through supplying you with your skincare routine. Let’s face it: even if other people tell you that you are gorgeous or that they don’t notice those lines or dark spots, you do.

If reducing those helps you feel more attractive and as beautiful as others see you, then all the better. We have several brands for you to choose from, like Image Skincare and Monat, but this piece focuses on Farmhouse Fresh and its fantastic line of products.

Who Is Farmhouse Fresh?

For almost 20 years, CEO Shannon McLinden has been growing nutrient-dense microgreens in McKinney, Texas. FarmHouse Fresh harvests these greens as soon as they are at their peak to have the best quality ingredients for your skincare. They are grown sustainably through hydroponics and aquaponics. Another benefit to purchasing their products is that the farm where the ingredients are grown is also an animal sanctuary, so with every product purchased, money goes to saving, treating, and caring for animals in need. FarmHouse Fresh is certified by the Organic Trade Association and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, a certified Women-Owned business, and PETA Caring Consumer, a Cruelty-Free company. You can feel good about the products helping you feel better about yourself.

What Kind of Products Do They Have, and What Will They Do For Me?

FarmHouse Fresh has numerous products to help you care for your skin that are certified organic, grown fresh daily, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. They make items for both the face and body. Clean your skin with their range of cleansers. Soften your skin with their bath fizzers. Exfoliate your skin to perfection with their scrubs and body polishes. Hydrate your skin with their creams, gelees, and mousses. Their body oils are super moisturizing without feeling greasy and come in various nutrient combinations and scents. Their serums offer many anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing, skin-brightening, and firming benefits.

The following are some of the items we usually have in stock at Halcyon Spa:

  • Serene Moon Dip Ageless Body Mousse - this moisturizing mousse has advanced firming peptides, retinol palmitate, jojoba oil, and vitamins A and E to give you a youthful glow.

  • Fluffy Bunny Moisturizing Bath Fizzers - drop this baby into your bath for soft skin thanks to vitamin E, coconut, palm, and olive fruit oils that smell of mint julep, lavender, and vanilla.

  • C The Future Foaming Cleanser - plant-based cleanser with vitamin C, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, lemon balm extract, witch hazel, and tangerine oil that helps brighten and exfoliate your skin.

  • Fields of Green Organic Matcha Soothing Moisturizer - hydrate and rejuvenate your skin with four forms of hyaluronic acids, olive fruit oil, aloe leaf juice, organic green tea extract, and Farmhouse Fresh-grown alfalfa extract.

  • Guac Star Revitalizing Hydration Mask - avocado butter, extract, and oil from California-grown non-GMO avocado with green tea, pomegranate, goji fruit, and coffee seed extracts all combine to reinvigorate your skin while soothing it at the same time.

We also carry their antioxidant serums, skin-firming serums, hydrating lip balms, ageless and weightless moisturizers, body washes, body polishes, and various scented body oils.

Head to Halcyon Spa To See What’s In Stock

You can get FarmHouse Fresh in Fort Myers because it’s easy to stop by our spa. We are located off Brantley Rd in the World Plaza, off US Highway 41/S. Tamiami Tr/S. Cleveland Ave near Crystal Dr. We look forward to pampering you with the best products as well as sending you home with them to use on yourself or give as gifts. You can always call 239-935-7727 (SPA7) to verify if we have the item you are looking for. We can’t wait for you to feel as good as everyone thinks you look.

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